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Take a day to review or catch up!


Take a day to review or catch up!


biblestudy smThere are many ways to study the Bible  from book, topical and word studies….to whatever your need is for understanding; that is the main reason to study – to fill your need for understanding.

No matter how you study the Bible, your main focus is to satisfy your need to understand God more and His purpose for your life.  As you delve into His word, remember to indulge yourself with personal prayer and meditation on what is written.  If you have not engaged His Holy Spirit in your study time, you have missed out on the opportunity to invite the author to shed light onto what He has written.

Spend a few minutes or more prior to studying, to engage God’s Holy Spirit through prayer, and then continually let your mind seek His interpretation by meditating on what He has written.  We believe that with this approach you will get the most out of any Bible reading time you spend.

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On the left of this page is a daily Bible reading plan that you can use. It will take you through the Bible in one year. Also, use the Bible search tool provided below to search for a scripture, word or phrase.

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