What We Believe And Hold To Be True

The Bible is completely adequate by itself to serve as the guide for our beliefs and way of living.

Our statement above, summarizes the Assemblies of God Fundamental Truths; truths that we hold to be the common basis for our fellowship and unity – or as the Bible recommends – a basis for which we may agree with one another so as to avoid divisions because of disagreements on what we believe (1 Corinthians 1:10 and Acts 2:42).

We do not claim that the wording of this statement is divinely inspired (as is the Bible) rather, we hold that the truth it sets forth is felt to be essential to a full-gospel, Bible-based ministry.  We also do not intend to represent that this statement contains all of the Bible’s truth.  We merely state that it covers some basic fundamental teachings, thought to be vital to successful Christian living.